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Shamanic Rituals

Ritual Kieri

Ancestral wisdom to live a ceremonial life

How do you want to start or continue your shamanic journey?

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Cecilia (Mexico)

Sound and Music

My grandmother was a “curandera”

 (traditional healer) who taught me the power of rituals and sacred plants. Even though shamanism has been my main healing source, I've been learning with spiritual masters from different philosophies. After graduating from the Music Conservatorium in Utrecht, I started to specialise in healing the body, mind and spirit with frequencies, music and art.

How Shamanism Transforms Our Lives


We recover our sense of true home: our mother earth. Feeling grounded and nurtured. Grateful for what she gives us. Encouraging to respect and honor her in every way we can. 

Gracias Pachamama.

Acceptance of Emotions

We learn how to feel without any judgement. We let go of labels and just experience. Traveling into the everchanging journey of our messengers and tools. Honoring our Grandmother Moon.

Mental clarity

We learn how to navigate the world of ideas and the power of the word. We chant and use our voice as healing tools.

Ability to see the unseen

We learn how to use the energy. We become the alchemist of our lifes. Rising as phoenix from the ashes. Honoring our grandfather Fire.

"The best knowledge you can have, is to know who you are."

Cecilia - Ritual Kieri

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